Workshop Details


  • Morning Session:
    10am – 12.30 with breaks
  • Lunch:
    12.30 – 1.30pm
  • Musical Lecture:
    1.30 – 2.15pm
  • Afternoon Session:
    2.30pm – 4.00pm
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Come Join Us!

The workshop is aimed at anyone wanting to spend a week playing jazz. So whether you are an improver or intermediate level musician or a highly advanced classical and rock musician – we will ensure you have a great time and learn. To ensure you get the most out of this course please let us know what experience you have on the joining form. It will enable us to ensure you are put into the right group.

Group sessions

You’ll be put into a group of up to ten musicians, consisting of rhythm section (drums, bass, keyboards, guitar) and front line (reeds, brass, violin, woodwind etc). If you have been with us before, you may have a preference for which tutor you would like to be taught by. Let us know on the joining form – we won’t promise, but we’ll do our best to accomodate your wishes. Tutors teach you various tunes in a variety of styles – these may be standards or ones you write as a group. The aim is to prepare a short set of around 20 minutes to perform at the end of the week.
You will be invited to improvise and shown how to best construct a solo in an unpressurised way.

Other sessions

There will also be other sessions on offer for you to choose from. These are varied from year to year and we’re working on next year’s ideas at the moment. We’ll be offering the usual instrument specific sessions – where a specialist tutor will be looking at the complexities of your instrument. As the improvisation workshops from beginner to advanced and scat singing proved really popular in 2019 we’ll be working on expanding these a bit more.

Musical Lecture

Each of the tutors will present a musically illustrated talk about an aspect of jazz music or performance that they are interested in. These have proved very popular over the last years, it is a wonderful way to learn how to tackle jazz as well as easing everyone into the afternoon’s session. These will be outside in the sunshine weather permitting.

Wednesday Night Jam Session

This is hosted by two of the tutors and in past years we have held it at Magoos Bar in Henley. A chance for everyone to put the theory into practice in a friendly environment.

Friday Night Performance

The week culminates in a performance at 7.00pm on Friday. The school hall will be magically transformed into a Jazz Club with a bar, stage, lighting and sound system. Each group will perform their pieces to friends and family. A fantastic end to the week.